Preserving Senior Housing in Walnut Creek

In Walnut Creek, the demand for affordable housing grows each year. While new construction (like our recently opened Arboleda Apartments) brings much needed housing to an expensive city, rehabilitating older properties like Casa Mantego has the added benefit of preserving communities.

At SAHA, we know that preserving existing affordable housing has a variety of economic and social benefits. More than 100 low income seniors call Casa Montego home. Originally built 25 years ago, residents have enjoyed robust community engagement and resident services support and activities, including art and wellness classes, cultural celebrations and transportation services. Located across the street from John Muir Medical Center, residents have easy access to healthcare and wellness options that are vital to seniors.

Preservation through rehabilitation, particularly when it focuses on energy-efficient upgrades can provide economic benefits. Older buildings often have less efficient heating and insulation, as well as older appliances. These can drive up utility costs. Increasing the energy efficiency of Casa Montego will reduce operating costs, and resident bills.

In addition to increasing energy efficiency, the renovation will improve community spaces, and upgrade residents’ apartments. Thanks to financing through tax credits and tax exempt bonds, SAHA will be able to preserve Casa Montego’s affordability for the long term.