Camino 23 Awarded "Cap and Trade" Grant

On June 30, Camino 23, one of SAHA's newest projects received an Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) award, bettter known as "cap and trade" funds. The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) endorsed 28 projects totaling $121.9 million from the state’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

One of those projects is Camino 23 along Oakland’s International Boulevard, which includes 32 affordable apartments and transportation improvements that enable GHG reductions through greater public transit and bicycle use, improved streetscapes and enhanced connections to stations and jobs. SAHA led a cross-sector team, supported by Enterprise,and including the City of Oakland’s Departments of Public Works and Housing and Community Development. Another important collaborator was AC Transit – who is leading the construction of a Bus Rapid Transit line along the East Oakland corridor and providing transit passes that will be free for residents.

"SAHA is thrilled that our Camino 23 development in East Oakland stands to be among the first projects to be funded under this pioneering program,” SAHA Executive Director Susan Friedland said. ”By working in partnership with our local transit agency and city partners, we can improve our residents' health, increase access to economic opportunities and help address the challenges of climate change. Enterprise’s technical assistance and support made this diverse partnership possible, and we look forward to the collaborations and co-benefits that will come from this investment.”

The AHSC program goals to encourage infill development, reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) and align housing and transportation investments to support disadvantaged communities.