Berkeley Scattered Sites

High density urban setting. Various Addresses, Berkeley | Map
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Alcatraz Apartments

1900 Alcatraz Avenue | MAP

Allston Commons

828-836 Alllston Way | MAP

Ashby Apartments

1317 Ashby Ave. | MAP

Ashby Court Apartments

1222-1228 Ashby Avenue | MAP

Ashby Studios

1303-1311 Ashby Avenue | MAP

Hearst Studios

950 Hearst Avenue | MAP

Hillegass Avenue Apartments

2500 Hillegass Avenue | MAP

Prince Street Apartments

1534 Prince Street | MAP


Would you like more information about any of the Berkeley Scattered Sites?

For Alcatraz Apartments and Hillegass Avenue Apartments, please call the Property Manager at (510) 665-1930.

For Allston Commons, please call the Property Manager at (510) 848-5461.

For Ashby Apartments and Ashby Studios, please call the Property Manager at (510) 981-0532.

For Ashby Courts Apartments, please call the Property Manager at (510) 649-0021.

For Hearst Studios, please call the Property Manager at (510) 845-1223.

For Prince Street Apartments, please call the Property Manager at (510) 981-9802.

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