Resident Services Guidebook goes to Second Printing

Satellite Affordable Housing Associates is proud to announce the publication of Connecting with Socially Isolated Seniors: A Service Provider’s Guide. The guidebook demonstrates the deeply injurious affects social isolation can have in seniors and concrete ways to combat it. While it is primarily written for Resident Service Coordinators, it can easily be adapted for any organization or individual who works with seniors.

Connecting with Socially Isolated Seniors is based on the previously Satellite-published work, Reach Out!, the culmination of a year and a half of academic and on-the-ground research from Satellite’s former Director of Resident Services and a team of AmeriCorps Vista volunteers. Patrick Arbore of the Institute on Aging says of the guidebook, “Staff of Affordable Senior Housing will be able to utilize this material on a daily basis. Unlike a lot of manuals that collect dust, this guidebook is alive with helpful tips to enable the resident to live a life of possibilities as they age.”

To order Connecting with Socially Isolated Seniors, visit or contact Health Professionals Press’ customer service department at 1-888-337-8808.