Resident Services

Resident Services

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Our residents are SAHA community members, with access to a wide variety of supportive services, activities and opportunities for meaningful engagement with each other, our neighborhoods and our cities.

Our team of more than 30 non-clinical service coordinators works at nearly every SAHA site, with the aim of fostering physical, emotional and cognitive health; authentic social connections; and a feeling that we live and work not just in a beautiful apartment building, but in a community where we are each known and valued.

In the many SAHA communities housing elderly individuals, we provide services that allow residents to remain comfortably within their apartments despite changing abilities, and to live as independently as possible.

Resident Services begin with case management and meeting basic needs through meal programs, public benefits access, health screening and access to care, and transportation services. From there we address a wide variety of individual needs including help with immigration and naturalization, medical-related planning and services including home health care and advance directives, legal assistance and mediation, and financial education.

Activities include a wide variety of on-site classes and groups including exercise classes, quilling and embroidery, drum circles, choirs, dancing, walk groups, book clubs, meditation, Feldenkrais, intercultural potlucks, men’s groups and ESL classes. Tenants Associations provide a vehicle for socializing as well as advocacy and communication between management and residents.

SAHA Transportation provides wheelchair-accessible van service between many of SAHA’s residential communities and destinations in the community.  Residents sign up for and receive transportation to shopping, medical appointments and recreational trips. Among low-income seniors, transportation provides critical access to medical providers and lifeline services, food access, and socialization activities.  Transportation thus provides an enormous benefit to the quality of resident life at the buildings it serves, increases independence, and addresses conditions of isolation which create mental and physical health risks for seniors.

Resident Services Providers/Contractors

SAHA provides services directly, and in partnership with respected community organizations and agencies and dedicated volunteers. These partners include: Adobe Services, Building Futures with Women and ChildrenFirst Place for Youth, Housing Consortium of the East Bay (HCEB), La Luz Center, Lifelong Medical Care, SHELTER Inc. of Contra Costa, and West County Community Services

SAHA has implemented a program to ensure full access to its transportation services for persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).  For information and grievance forms, please click HERE.

Como un receptor de dólares federales SAHA tiene que cumplir con lo dispuesto en el Titulo VI de la ley de los derechos civiles de 1964 y asegúrese de que los servicios y los beneficios se proporcionen sobre una base no discriminatoria. SAHA ha puesto en marcha un procedimiento de queja Titulo VI, que emboza un proceso de disposición local de quejas del Titulo VI y es consistente con las pautas de Administración Federal de Transito Circular 4702.1B, de Octubre 1, 2012: Click HERE.

作為受聯邦資助者,SAHA交通部需要遵守1964年民權法Title VI之規定,確保以無歧視性的方式提供服務和福利。SAHA交通部設定Title VI投訴程序,訂出本地處理Title VI投訴的程序,而該程序亦與2012年十月一日聯邦交通管理通告第4702.1B一致: Click HERE.