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Alta Madrone

1269 Broadway, Sonoma | Map
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Alta Madrone (formerly known as "Altamira") is located at the southern gateway of the City of Sonoma. The site was identified as an affordable housing opportunity site in the City of Sonoma Housing Element. In January 2016, SAHA was selected to be the developer of this affordable family community. After a two-year community engagement process, Alta MadroneĀ received full approval from city planning in February 2018. Alta Madrone will provide 48 units of 100% affordable housing for families from Sonoma County. The site has eight residential buildings with one, two, and three bedroom apartments as well as a single community building with community room, offices, covered bicycle storage and laundry facilities. Extra attention has been paid to the landscaping of this site, with open space central to the property, childrenā€™s playground, bay-friendly landscaping and mature trees and shrubs to enhance privacy and overall comfort for the existing neighbors and new residents.

April, 2021
Income Level
30-60% AMI
Resident Population
  • Families
Pyatok Architects
Midstate Construction
$29.0 Million
Financing Partners
  • City of Sonoma
  • Federal Home Loan Bank
  • Santa Rosa Housing Authority
  • Sonoma County Community Development Commission
  • Sonoma County Housing Authority
  • Wells Fargo
  • California Community Reinvestment Corporation
  • California Tax Credit Allocation Committee
Property Manager
Services Coordinator