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Harmon Gardens

3240 Sacramento Street, Berkeley | Map
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Harmon Gardens is a new construction of 15 studio apartments for transition-age youth (TAY) and one manager’s unit, for a total of 16 apartments. This new development is located in central Berkeley at 3240 Sacramento Street where residents have access to neighborhood conveniences as well as on-site amenities and services. Harmon Gardens provides TAY with a permanent home where they can develop independent living skills and connections in the community while receiving supportive service

Through a partnership with Fred Finch Youth Center and Berkeley Mental Health, all TAY residents at Harmon Gardens receive a high-level of supportive services enabling them to maintain their housing while living independently in the community. Harmon Gardens has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the target TAY population. The design incorporates feedback from project service providers Fred Finch Youth Center and Berkeley Mental Health, SAHA’s property management department, and Alameda County’s Behavioral Health Services consumer preference survey. Key features of the building design include a large community clubhouse that is used as an informal social gathering space and for programmed group activities, property management office, social services office, computer room, and laundry facilities.

Would you like more information about Harmon Gardens? Please call the Property Manager at (510) 338-3697.

July, 2011
Income Level
30-50% AMI
Resident Population
  • Transition-Aged Youth
HKIT Architects
Midstate Construction
Financing Partners
  • City of Berkeley
  • Alameda County
  • CSH
  • TCAC
Property Manager
Services Coordinator
Fred Finch Youth Center and the City of Berkeley