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Helios Corner

1531 University Avenue, Berkeley | Map
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Helios Corner is an 80-unit affordable housing community for low-income seniors and seniors with special needs located in the City of Berkeley.  Located along the major thoroughfares of Sacramento Street and University Avenue, the community is ideally-located near amenities such as grocery stores, parks, service providers, and public transit.  The site is within walking distance of the North Berkeley BART Station and major AC Transit lines stop in front of the site on University Avenue.  As a mixed use development, Helios provides ground floor commercial space for SAHA’s home office and continuation of the Salvation Army’s food pantry and service office previously operated on the site.  Helios has also been featured as an example of a green building, exceeding Title 24 standards, featuring a large photovoltaic system and a hydronic heating system.     

Would you like more information about Helios Corner? Please call the Property Manager at (510) 981-9802.

July, 2007
Income Level
30-60% AMI
Resident Population
  • Seniors
HKIT Architects
$22.0 Million
Financing Partners
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • City of Berkeley
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco AHP
Property Manager
Services Coordinator