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Rising Oaks

3800 Coolidge Avenue, Oakland | Map
Not Managed by SAHA

This property is managed amd owned by Fred Finch Youth Center. Please see their website at http://www.fredfinch.org/
Rising Oaks provides transitional supportive housing for youth who are aging out of foster care and young adults who have emancipated from the foster care system. The project is located on the Oakland, CA campus of Fred Finch Youth Center (FFYC), a non-profit organization with over 115 years of experience providing mental health and social services to youth and young adults coping with neglect, abuse and disabilities. Currently over 300 young people emancipate each year from Alameda County’s foster care system and an estimated 85% have unmet housing needs.  Rising Oaks dramatically improve the lives of young people and help them develop the life skills to become independent and productive adults. The project consists of 31 apartments in 12,631 square feet on approximately one acre of FFYC’s six-acre campus. Three vacant and outmoded structures weredemolished to accommodate the development. Thirty studio apartments are reserved for young adults aged 18-24 who have recently emancipated from the foster care system. The project contains one 2-bedroom apartment for on-site managers.  Rents will be affordable to households with incomes between 0% and 20% of Area Median Income (AMI) and all residents have access to on-site services. The development of Rising Oaks also created 900 square feet of amenity space that is available free of charge to residents, laundry room, and counselor offices to provide residents with easy access to counseling services. In addition, the project features a lounge area to facilitate resident interaction, a community room with a shared kitchen to help residents develop life skills, surface parking, and bike racks, to aid in vocational skill development.

April, 2013
Income Level
0-20% AMI
Mikiten Architecture
$9.3 Million
Property Manager
Fred Finch Youth Center
Services Coordinator
Fred Finch Youth Center