Oak Street Terrace

1109 Oak Street, Oakland | Map
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Oak Street Terrace is a great example of alternative urban development. The vacant and underutilized parking lot that once filled the space is now an elegant and efficiently designed building for low-income senior residents. The mixed-use project adds residential and commercial value to the community and a plaza improvement plan for the adjacent public space. The apartments at Oak Street Terrace were fully leased 30 days after the building received its certificate of occupancy. AHA reached out to Family Bridges, a local service provider, to assist residents, many of whom are ethnically Chinese, with translation services and to connect them with free or affordable healthcare services. This development has many unique features, including a 30-kilowatt solar energy system, natural and recycled finish materials and 1,500 square feet of neighborhood-serving retail.

Would you like more information about Oak Street Terrace? Please call the Property Manager at (510) 251-1525.

November, 2004
Income Level
30-60% AMI
Resident Population
  • Seniors
Kava Massih Architects
JH Fitzmaurice
$7.7 Million
Financing Partners
  • City of Oakland
  • CCRC
  • 9% California Tax Credtis
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco AHP
  • Apollo Housing Capital
Property Manager
Services Coordinator