Post Date: January 9th, 2018

The PA Times, journal of the American Society for Public Administration, published this article on SAHA’s strategy for data-driven service coordination.  Chris Hess, SAHA’s Director of Resident Services, used SAHA’s data-driven quality assurance program to advise agencies on how data helps us support the independence of seniors and families.

Post Date: November 20th, 2015

Our partners, the Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC) and City Slicker Farms, have released “Cultivating Resistance: An Urban Agriculture Toolkit to Support Oakland’s Independent Food System”, a free booklet that features SAHA and guides residents through the policies that currently govern urban agriculture practices.

Post Date: February 13th, 2015

SAHA’s strategic plan is a roadmap to guide our work and expansion while anchoring us to our mission, core values, and unique position with the industry.

Post Date: April 2nd, 2014

Enterprise Community Partners recently published "A Case Study of a Carefully Paced and Planned Organizational Merger: Satellite Affordable Housing Associates."

Post Date: March 17th, 2013

Order your copy of Resident Services' Guidebook on ending social isolation amongst seniors